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Demand Justice for Eric Garner

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In 2014, NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo killed Eric Garner with a chokehold that has been banned by the NYPD for over two decades. It has been almost 5 years since Eric Garner was killed, and his family and community are still fighting for some measure of accountability from Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD.  

The Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) disciplinary trial against Pantaleo concluded on June 6, 2019 but the process to fire Pantaleo is far from over. It could take weeks or months before Commissioner O'Neill makes a final decision on whether Pantaleo is disciplined, and what that discipline will be. On July 16, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice met with the family of Eric Garner to tell them they would not be bringing any federal charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Click here for ways to Support Justice for Eric Garner and stand with Eric's mother and others to continue to demand NYC #FirePantaleo

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Safer New York Act

The Safer NY Act is a package of bills in the New York State Legislature that would help increase police transparency and help increase accountability to New Yorkers' most common encounters with police.

The #SaferNYAct includes: the Police Statistics and Transparency (STAT) Act, codifying and strengthening the Special Prosecutor executive order, reducing Unnecessary Arrests for low-level, ticketable offenses, repealing the NYS police secrecy law (CRL section 50-a), and legalizing marijuana with strong attention paid to ensuring that resources are reinvested in communities most harmed by prohibition.

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Right to Know Act Is Law

As of October 19, 2018 the Right To Know Act is now law! New Yorkers have new protections when it comes to searches by the NYPD as well as the right to know the identity of police officers who are stopping them in SOME instances. It's important to Know Your Rights and read up on what these important new laws mean for you and your communities.

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CPR is Hiring

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CPR is hiring! Are you passionate about police accountability? Want to support powerful work to end discriminatory and abusive policing in NY? Believe that the communities most impacted by the issues should be at the center of the movements to change them?
We're looking for motivated, qualified candidates to help lead CPR's critical communications strategies. Check out our open positions and apply today.

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With a White House openly hostile to civil and human rights, AND a NYC administration that claims to be progressive but fights tooth and nail to preserve police secrecy and protect officers who kill or abuse from accountability, now more than ever, the movement for police accountability needs your support. With your support this year, we can continue to fight for real NYPD accountability and build our work to reduce reliance on police - so our communities can be safe from police abuse and violence.

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Get News and Updates

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Join our movement to end discriminatory and abusive policing.

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CPR on Twitter

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